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[filipinas] Filipiniana: All and about my homeland...


About me: I have been a research engineer here at Brookhaven National Laboratory for over fifteen years now. At present, we are building a multi-million dollar superconducting research facility called the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider that is scheduled to go on line by the year 1999. This facility will enable scientists to create the physical phenomena and gather data under conditions of temperature and matter density which are believed to have prevailed during the first microseconds after the origin of the universe.

In the past several years, I have been residing here in Long Island, New York, USA. Despite the outrageous taxes and the astronomically high cost of living, I still like it here, partly due to its proximity to New York City. Yes! New York City...with its magnificent splendor, and breathtaking skyscrapers! Despite its shortcomings and diversity, it is still the undisputed capital of the world!

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My Little Hometown

Yes, it all started from here! I was born and raised in a small barrio, or barangay called Cantao-an in the city of Naga of the province of Cebu in the Central Visayas region of the Republic of the Philippines. If you click on the map below you will be transported into Cebu and you will learn more about my exciting little hometown!


Where is Cebu? It is a small island that is located in
Central Philippines
where the people are friendly, and speak Cebuano, or Visayan. Cebu is currently a "boomtown", and a highly favorite tourist area.
Click on this hypertext to learn more about the Philippines.


RHIC Ring Systems Group WebPages:

(... a little bit of nostalgic glimpse at my past work history ...)

Are you curious? Well, just visit the following pages that I used to maintain for our group, and you will get a good idea as to what I did at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York, USA .....far, far away from Cebu, Philippines!

I apologize, though, that these pages were not be as cool as many others, but it was just a sidejob for me in addition to my primary function as a research engineer. Happy surfing!

[ball] Ring System's Design Safety Page: This was the top page of the Design Safety Arm of our Group.

[ball] Design Safety Reports : Here you can browse through some of the engineering calculations, mostly Finite Element Analysis results, that were performed by Design Safety.

[ball] Design, Fabrication, Procurement, & Installation of the Main Supports of the Ring Magnets : Here you can see the solid model of the magnet stand castings that was generated using SDRC's I-DEAS, as well as links to SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Corporation), Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc., the owner of the FEA code ANSYS, and others.

[ball] ATLAS Detector for Cern, Geneva: This page contains various engineering design calculations for the Atlas Barrel Cryostat that we are building for the upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern in Geneva, Switzerland.


Reference Pages:

[orangeball] The Whitehouse: Official Residence of the First Family of the USA
[orangeball]U.S. Department of Energy
[orangeball]U.S. Department of Commerce
[orangeball]U.S. Office of Science
[orangeball]U.S. House of Representatives
[orangeball]THOMAS - U.S. Library of Congress Legislative Server
[orangeball]American Society of Mechanical Engineers
[orangeball]IEEE Computer Society